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July 11, 2010
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Shinsho-Mugen Daiko - Pacific Grove CA

- http://www.shinshomugendaiko.net/

- Shinsho-Mugen Daiko

- was founded in 1999 by Ikuyo Conant. Shinsho means "Celestial Bodies" and Mugen means "Source of Dreams". With this name we are striving to unify one's individual experience with a wider collective understanding of self as part of the community at large. The group focuses on development of fine art in Taiko drumming, and offers classes and workshops in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

- A Taiko drum is a simple instrument to create a simple yet fundamental sound. We Taiko drummers enjoy this activity of utter simplicity. After prolonged drumming, the Taiko drummer is spent like a marathon runner crossing the finish line. Taiko is powerful, yet for those whose hearts are aching for depth in their lives, the sound of Taiko is soothing and invigorating. This simple action of creating a convincing sound is extremely diffuicult, yet tremendously rewarding.

- In times past, people lived in a world close to the spirits of nature and they were in awe of these powerful forces. Their symbol-based beliefs were naive but courageous. They were bound to the basic elements of nature, and in this way, their lives were in sync with the universal rhythms of nature.

- The word "Taiko" literally means "Big Drum" or "Broad Drum". Taiko is a traditional form of Japanese drumming that incorporates those elements of martial art which focuses on centering oneself in the grounded position, and the concentration, direction and controlling of energy and breathing. Unlike most drumming styles which involve rhythm and speed, Taiko drumming also involves the tremendous release of controlled power in which the drummer is centered, grounded and hitting the drum with precise form and fluidity.

- Since ancient times, Taiko has been associated with many aspects of Japanese culture. Taiko has been used for religious and war ceremonies, Noh and Kabuki accompaniments, farming, fishing, festivals and for signaling time. There was a time when people believed that their ancestors lived in Taiko drums and treated them as sacred objects. To Japanese, Taiko is a sacred object; it is a unity of the spirits of man and nature.

- Taiko is a powerful cultural asset in Japan. However, Taiko is universal because the sound touches deep emotional chords within our unconscious.

Shinsho-Mugen Daiko

• http://www.shinshomugendaiko.net/ •

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Hi John,

This is wonderful work!!

Can we use this on our web page?

I am going to forward your work to my students.

They would love to see your work.

Thank you so much.

Ikuyo Conant




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